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What is E-Learning?

E-learning is simply electronic learning which means using a computer or similar device to deliver part or all of a training course.

Why use E-Learning?

  • You can take as long as you like by using the save and exit button to complete the course around other work.
  • Saves you time & money as it can be completed in quiet periods or out of office hours minimizing disruption to your business
  • Progress of all learners is tracked by Livius Training
  • Livius Training qualified tutors on hand to answer learners questions
  • All you need is an internet connected computer or device

Purchasing an E-Learning Course

In order to purchase an e-learning course please order online, email katie@livius-training.co.uk or call 01423 396780.

All e-learning courses include;

  • A subject handbook
  • Certificate issued by Livius Training
  • Ability to gain a QCF (Qualifications & Credit Framework) fully accredited qualification
  • Technical Support
  • Tutors available to answer any training questions

Our E-Learning Courses

We currently offer the following e-learning courses please click on each course for more information.

Demo Video

Have a look at a demonstration video, below.